I'm really just a creative girl with a passion for bringing out joy in others. I photograph families, couples, graduating seniors, and people just like you who have beautiful, messy, and wonderful stories to tell. I feel lucky to capture your lives for what they are: a work of art. 

When I'm not busy working on my passion projects you can catch me on a tennis court with my husband and our own little doubles team. 

HI! I'M JANAE! I'm a joyful photographer, wife, and mama. Most days you can find me with a baby on my hip, camera in my hand and a big smile on my face.


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Things that bring me joy

Things that bring
me joy

Our twin Girls

gettin' a good workout in

flowers. lots of flowers.

Peaches. I could Eat them all day. 

Hiking Trips with mY husband, Ryan

my faith